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Year-1 (heavy-ion) physics with CMS at the LHC »
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 230, Issue 12044, 2010, Pages 6
Tuuva Tuure, et al CMS Collaboration
Vortex core size in unconventional superconductors »
Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 113, Issue 1, 2013, Pages 10
Zakharchuk Ivan, Belova Polina, Safonchik et al.
Variable-range hopping conductivity of La1-xSrxMn1-yFeyO3 »
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Volume 23, Issue 1, 2011, Pages 015802
Zakhvalinskii Vasilii, Laiho Reino, Lashkul Alexander et al.
Value chain modelling: Integration of competitiveness matrix and target cost curve »
18th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR), 2005
Pirttilä Miia, Kainusalmi Mika, Kärri Timo et al.
Valmistettavuuden analysointi. »
Tuotettavuuden kehittäminen – parempi tuotteisto monesta näkökulmasta. 2009, Pages 224-250
Lohtander Mika
Utilisation of continuous atomic layer deposition process for barrier enhancement of extrusion-coated paper »
Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 205, Issue 15, 2011, Pages 3916-3922
Lahtinen Kimmo, Maydannik Philipp, Johansson Petri et al.
Upsilon production cross section in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV »
Physical Review D, Volume 83, Issue 11, 2011, Pages 42
Chatrchyan S, Khachatryan V, Sirunyan A M et al.
Unsupervised spectrum analysis in multiplex CARS »
Coherent Raman Scattering Microscopy (microCARS2010), 2010, Pages 1
Vartiainen Erik, Hehl Gregor, Volkmer Andreas
Triggering on Hard Probes in Heavy-Ion Collisions with the CMS Experiment at the LHC »
Nuclear Physics A, Volume 830, Issue 1, 2009, Pages 523C-526C
Tuuva Tuure, et al CMS Collaboration