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Dynamism of Supplier's Position in Project Marketing Networks »
The 25th IMP Conference 2009, 2009, Pages 19
Haimala Juha, Salminen Risto T.
Dynamiikka I »
Issue 0, 2003, Pages 256
Nykänen Timo
Dynamiikka II »
Issue 0, 2003, Pages 272
Nykänen Timo
Dynamic torque analysis of a winf turbine drive train including a direct-driven permanent magnet generator »
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Volume 58, Issue 9, 2011, Pages 3859-3867
Sopanen Jussi, Ruuskanen Vesa, Nerg Janne et al.
Dynamic Technological Capabilities and Firm Performance: Experiences from the Finnish ICT SMEs »
IAMOT 2003, 2003
Saarenketo Sami, Puumalainen Kaisu, Kyläheiko Kalevi
Dynamics of Openness in Innovation Processes—A Case Study in the Finnish Food Industry »
Knowledge and Process Management, Volume 20, Issue 4, 2013
Mäkimattila Martti, Melkas Helinä, Uotila Tuomo
Dynamics of Knowledge Flow in Research on Distillation »
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Volume 28, 2010, Pages 583-588
Robert Sitarz, Kraslawski Andrzej, Jezowski J
Dynamics of Failure in Rapidly Internationalizing Firms - Finnish and Irish Software Firms in Focus »
15th McGill Conference on International Entrepreneurship, 2012
Nummela Niina, Saarenketo Sami, Loane Sharon
Dynamics of dynamic capabilities – the case of public broadcasting »
International Journal of Business Excellence, Volume 9, Issue 2, 2016, Pages 135-155
Maijanen Päivi, Jantunen Ari
Dynamics of development in innovation collaboration – relationships, learning and end products »
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Volume 15, Issue 41306, 2012, Pages 47-58
Lampela Hannele